Football Top 5s – An Introduction

I’m Dan, 27 years old and passionate about football. Until recently I ran a football blog called ‘There’s Only One Gerald Sinstadt’ which incoroporated a feature whereby I would list a Top 5 on a particular football subject, complete with a description. They were by far the most fun part of my blog, and so once it became obvious that TOOGS wasn’t going to work out I decided to keep the Top 5s and run with them, leaving the day-to-day football analysis to the professionals.

A few things to note:
1. This blog will incorporate Youtube videos of the No. 1 item (where applicable). Please note that I do not claim ownership of any of these videos, and that they are subject to the terms of copyright detailed on their native Youtube page.

2. The opinions expressed in FT5s are simply those of one football fan. I encourage readers to leave comments telling me about ones I may have missed and certainly welcome open debate, but I will not tolerate abuse. That refers to abuse of myself as the blogger or abuse of anyone who chooses to contribute feedback or opinion. If a conversation in the ‘Comments’ section of a post degenerates into abuse, the entire conversation will be removed.

3. Spam and advertising have no place here (except for WordPress-approved advertisements and anything I myself may choose to plug), so don’t do it. It will be removed and necessary steps will be taken to stop you doing it again.

4. This is a football blog, so it should be about football. I’ll try to keep it that way, so should you.

5. Have fun. I love writing these and I hope you enjoy reading them! If you feel like sticking around, there’s a cyber-pint waiting for you on the bar!

Dan Shoesmith
Football Top 5s


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